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High-quality Spain Olive-Oil. Olive oil have thousand years of history in the Mediterranean coast countries. It is known as "liquid gold, vegetable oil queen, Mediterranean dew and the beauty of the oil', etc. It is rich in natural vitamin A, D, E, K, F which are liposoluble vitamin easy to be absorbed by skin. Especially Vitamin E, every 100g olive oil contains 8g vitamin E. Olive oil is the only wooden vegetable oil used by human.
EL has corporated with Spain top olive-oil manufacture who is located in Andalusia main producing area of olive oil to expand China market. The olive oil is super virgin. The full process of picking and squeezing is automatic in order to guarantee it's fresh. The daily production capacity is 840 tons with 100% all natures. The advanced squeezing technology shaped the high quality of the oil. Product has covered all over North America and Europe. And the special taste of olive oil development, have lemon flavors, cows to taste, Chinese prickly ash taste and taste mushrooms, etc.


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